The Gesamtschule Gießen-Ost Parent Council is made up of a group of parent representatives who meet to discuss and represent the views of all parents and caregivers at the school.

The Parent Council holds an election every two years to elect a chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary and the board consisting of 5 members. The Parent Council has funds that are used to provide financial support for various projects at the GGO. These funds are managed by the Friends of the Gesamtschule Gießen-Ost. The Parent Council and the Friends of the Gesamtschule Gießen Ost work closely together to support a variety of activities at the school.

The Parent Council exercises its right to take part in certain votes at the school (such as approving decisions or representing the views of parents). This means that parents and caregivers actively influence the educational environment of their children.

The Gesamtschule Gießen-Ost Parent Council has played an active role at the school for many years and fosters communication between parents, staff, students and the school administration.
The role of parent representative on the Parent Council is rewarding. Two parent representatives (one main representative and one deputy representative) are elected by the parents of each class in years 5, 7, 9 and 11 for a two year period.

The Parent Council Chairperson invites all parent representatives to attend a Parent Council meeting 5 or 6 times during the school year. These meetings give the parent representatives a better insight into the running of the school on a day to day basis.

The Parent Council has worked in close partnership with the school administration for many years. The Parent Council not only offers parents and caregivers the opportunity to express their views but also to offer their skills to promote the success of the school. The Parent Council is involved in many important aspects in the running of the school (such as the steering group committee, school development committee, building committee, media library after-school club, etc.). We encourage you to become a parent representative for your child’s class and we look forward to hearing your ideas, comments and constructive feedback at Parent Council meetings.

The Parent Council board members of the Gesamtschule Gießen-Ost